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  1. Q: If I wish to make a reservation what do I do?
    A: Either click on the reservation button on the web site and complete the requested information or call us at 812-988-6554.
  2. Q: If I make a reservation how much is the deposit?
    A: There is $50 non-refundable deposit due when the reservation is made. The $50 deposit is included in the total price.
  3. Q: When are the balance of the charges due for my stay?
    A: The balance will be charged to your credit card 7 days prior to your arrival date.
  4. Q: Can I pay the balance due in some other way other than a credit card?
    A: You can pay by cash, check or use multiple credit cards as long as we know this prior to the date due and the total amount is received 7 days prior to your arrival date.
  5. Q: Are there any other hidden charges not shown in the quoted price?
    A: The only added charge is 7% state sales tax, 5% local innkeepers tax and 3% processing fee (15% total) unless there is damage to the property for which you will be charged.
  6. Q: If I am not sure of the number of guests in my party can that number be adjusted later?
    A: Yes, any time up to the date of your arrival.
  7. Q: Is there added charges for more guests?
    A: Yes. The price quoted is for the number of guests that you entered, if you add or delete guests the price will vary.
  8. Q: What is your cancellation policy?
    A: Our cancellation policy is as follows: A reservation can be cancelled with no charge or penalty, except for the non-refundable deposit, a full 14 days prior to the scheduled check-in date (for example if your check-in day is the 25th you must notify us of your desire to cancel by no later than 3:00 p.m. on the 11th). Cancellations for any reason from 13 to 8 days prior to the scheduled check-in date will be charged for 1 day's stay at the highest nightly rate quoted. Cancellations for any reason within 7 days or less of the scheduled arrival date will be charged the entire amount specified.
  9. Q: What time can I check-in? Can I check-in early?
    A: 3pm. Early check-in is possible although we can not guarantee it until 2 days prior to your arrival date.
  10. Q: What time is check-out? Can I check out early?
    A: 11am. Late check-out is possible although we can not guarantee it until 2 days prior to your arrival date, there is an added $50 charge for a late check-out.
  11. Q: Where do I go to pick up the key?
    A: When you arrive in Brown County you proceed directly to the cabin, the entry information is listed on the direction which will be sent to you.
  12. Q: Where do I find directions to the cabin?
    A: When you make a reservation we will send you detailed directions to the property and cabin entry procedures.
  13. Q: Do you accept 1 night reservations?
    A: We typically do during the week (Sunday - Thursday) and on some weekends, there is an added $50 charge for 1 night reservations and special pricing offers do not apply. You need to call us at 812-988-6554 to check on 1 night reservations.
  14. Q: What do you supply and do I need to bring anything?
    A: When you view the cabin on the web site the items are specifically listed that are provided but usually we provide everything except food, drink, firewood or charcoal ( not all cabins have wood burning fireplaces or charcoal grills). Kitchens are fully equipped except for specialty cooking items.
  15. Q: Do you have a coffee pot?
    A: Yes
  16. Q: Are the cabins modern?
    A: Yes we do not have any rustic cabins. All properties have central heat, central air conditioning, indoor plumbing, telephone, electricity, water.
  17. Q: What is your policy regarding inclement weather?
    A: If the state or local police issue a no travel warning for Brown County as a result of inclement weather for the date of your arrival you will not be charged for your stay if you can not make it to the cabin.
  18. Q: Where are your cabins in relation to Brown County State Park?
    A: Our properties are located throughout Brown County but are not in the Park. On average the cabins are about 5 miles from the Park with some being as far away as 17 miles and others as close as 1 mile.